Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Who do you say that I AM?"

I AM Jesus Christ, the anointed Messiah. a
I AM the only begotten Son of God. b
I AM the express image of the Father. c

Though Creator God, I willingly left my throne in Heaven to be born the Son of Man…For you. Though a King, I came to serve. Though sinless, I became sin. I gave My life as a ransom…for you. Won’t you give Me your heart? d

I AM the only way to the Father. e
I AM Redeemer. f
I AM Saviour. g

I was rejected by My own, mocked, spat upon, beaten beyond recognition, only to hang and die upon a scorned cross of shame… for you. 3 days later I rose triumphantly from the grave, conquering sin & death, once for all! Won’t you give Me your heart? h

I AM the creator of all things. i
I AM your Good Shepherd. j
I AM Love. k

I knew you and delighted in you before you ever existed. I delicately wove you in your mother’s womb. Indeed, I have loved you with an everlasting love. Won’t you turn from your sin, from your pain, from the snare of this life, and turn toward Me? I AM Faithful & True! Won’t you give Me your heart? l

I and My Father are One. We long for your heart, to fellowship with you now and forever. Not just a tiny part of your heart, but all of your heart, not in your sin, not on your own terms, not just as a means to Heaven, but to live inside your heart as One. My love is a consuming fire. My blood is a cleansing stream, washing away the pain and stains of your past. I desire to make you a completely brand new creation, born anew of My Spirit. If you believe who I AM and what I’ve done, simply come unto ME. Confess and turn from your sin, and ask Me to live in and through you now and forever. It’s not by your works, but by My finished work of Grace. Won’t you RECEIVE ME? m

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m franks

This post is actually a gospel track that the Lord laid on my heart to design and have printed, its currently at the printers. :) My dearest little sister, a writer, helped me edit and refine. Thanks hunnney.